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Basics of Loan Qualificaton

There are three parts to qualifying for a loan. One, your down payment. Two, your debt to income ratios. And, three your Credit Score. The amount of down payment reduces risk to lenders. Because of this they reward borrowers that put more money towards the purchase of the property. These rewards are lower interest rates,…Continue Reading

Using Other Peoples Money to Fund Your Retirement

As you know interest rates are at an all time low. This is one of the best times to buy residential rental property (2 to 4 units). Anything above 4 units has to qualify for a commercial loan. You may not know this but commercial financing is not as favorable as residential financing. Commercial financing…Continue Reading

When to Refinance

If you have been thinking about refinancing. The general rule of thumb when considering if it makes good financial sense to refinance is when a new rate is one point (1%) below the current rate. If this is the case then compute the amount of time it will take to payoff the cost of obtaining…Continue Reading